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The Haley Center

Our Mission

The Haley Center's mission is to provide healthcare to any person or family who resides in Polk County whose income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, and are not otherwise insured by the government or a private health.

We seek to provide a complete medical home for ALL medically needy who meet the criteria of our mission statement.

Our objective is to provide Polk County low income residents a medical facility that offers consistent, comprehensive, quality medical care. We strive to combine that care with educational efforts along with encouragement for them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

About Us

The Haley Center was established in 2005 as a medical mission serving the indigent population of Polk County who fall below the 200% poverty level guidelines, no insurance, no trauma or MVA and meet screening criteria.

Currently we are staffed by greater than 40 medical providers who volunteer their time on a regular basis to provide care to this indigent population.

We also provide clinical opportunities to the local technical schools and Universities for their students. These include medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practice nurses, medical assistants, dieticians, nutritionists and clinical nurse assistants.

We currently serve greater than 500 patients . New walk-ins are taken on a daily basis .


Do you align with our mission and wish to join our team, volunteer or donate your services?

Contact us!

In the Press

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